HAPPY | With 10 extra lbs?! 

*Cue collective gasp!*

Rarely would you hear a woman say those words!! Let me back up a bit…

Last summer I was competing on the pageant stage. This summer I’ll be hitting a different bikini competition stage. Weird part… I’m currently the same size in clothing, maybe even a little smaller, and yet I’m 10 lbs. heavier! Wild, right?!

Pageant Stage vs 10 weeks out

I trained with Jennifer Caban (Diamond Doll Fitness/Diamond Doll Bikini) last summer and she helped me get pageant physique ready. That is a physique more about long, lean muscles. Not too much “bulk” or crazy shredded muscle definition. To be honest, pageant prep was a lot less strict!!

Jenn is also training me now for my first (of many already planned) NPC bikini competitions. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Side note: I recommend her to any and everyone looking for a general fitness trainer or intensive prep coach. I’m also sponsored by Supplement World and those guys are making this prep a breeze, I can legitimately walk in at any time and they have everything I need to supplement my diet and workouts. Thank you sweet baby Jesus! You all know I’m impatient and want what I need when I need it. Mention my name for discounts across the store!

No sugar coating it, this prep is MUCH more intensive!! I’m in the gym a lot more, lifting heavier weights (seriously, when did my pea shooter arms switch to tiny guns?!), doing more cardio (stairs are the devil), and my diet is much more precise (I now weigh my food people. I’m that person, lol!). All of that, combined with my coach’s watchful eye meant I’ve gained 10 lbs. of muscle, yea baby!!!!

The photo above is from 10 weeks out. I’m currently sitting at 6 weeks out from my first competition and have started to shred that up even more, with the scale adjusting down a bit.

Let’s be clear… I still have a long way to go. But seeing the progress I’ve made makes me realize why this sport is addictive. Looking forward to seeing what happens next!

Curious why I went down this road? Check out my latest YouTube video explaining why:

Lifting weights and making changes… NPC!

Xoxo, Meeghan

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