SO YOU COMPETED | How’d you do?!

I’m 6 days out from my second competition, so let’s take a look back at the first…

May 14th was my first ever (hello rookie of the year I am not lol) NPC Bikini competition! How’d it go? Well lemme tell ya!

I began prepping for this in January (i.e., many birthdays and parties passed without cake, cookies or such…) and it was a slow start for me. My body wasn’t responding as fast as some of the #fitfam on Instagram would lead me to believe. However, slowly and surely, I (kind of) caught up!

I lacked a lot of muscle in my legs, which is a basic criteria for this sport. So shedding fat while building lean muscle was a huge obstacle in a relatively short amount of time. (It didn’t feel short in terms of missing out on the afore mentioned cake…) I also had very skinny arms (pea shooter partayyy) with not a lot of definition or muscle either. Hitting the gym every day, even two or three times a day, for many many MANY weeks gets a bit dull, I won’t lie to you! When I looked back at my beginning progress pictures however, and saw how far I’d come, now THAT became motivation to keep going.

Fast forward to show day… I knew I was competing against women who were medal winners already, who had been competing for a while and had more time to build that muscle. But… WHO CARES! I was already a winner when I saw how my physique changed into something I never thought possible. Having that attitude was the best part of my day. Of course I wanted to win a top 5 medal, but I was already a winner.

I started off the night before the show with competitor check in (we showed proof of our NPC Organization cards and had our height measured, that’s it!) and getting my first coat of spray tan (PALE I am, but tan I shortly was to be!). After that it was time to just lay still and not screw up my tan too much until the next morning, and try to finish my meals for the day. In the days leading up to the final competition I was just not as capable of getting my meals in, only so many weeks of fish before it becomes revolting. All glamour aside here ladies and gents!

Morning of the show, I woke up and did my own hair and makeup. Now that, I’m no rookie at. I did my own for Miss United States and have for dance/pageants/etc. for years. I prefer to do my own and will in the future also. Then, it was off to the venue for the competitor meeting. We were assigned our numbers (go #128!) and then it’s just a waiting game until the morning pre-judging show.

Prior to judging, we made sure we were in our suits and moseyed over to the now on-site tanning. They sprayed touch-ups and put a glaze on us (greased up turkey, ready to go!). One thing I didn’t realize, if they spray you with your suit on, your shiny rhinestones are now brown! Be sure to bring wet wipes to carefully remove some of the tan and enable your suit to still sparkle on stage. (THANK YOU to one of the really sweet trainers backstage who helped me!)

Pre-judging involved lining up in our number order and then comparison judging. You are in evenly divided groups, based on that number order, and merely compared in your poses to the women in line with you. The head judge calls out what they need you to do and where to go. After a few minutes of deliberation, the judges call out the top 5, next 5, etc. These are “callouts”. The goal is to be in the center of the first callouts group. Meaning, you have a chance at the top placements. I was one of the center in the second callouts group. We won’t find out for a while (as only top 5 know their placements show day), until the scorecards are released, but I’m likely somewhere at the top of 6-10th place. This was true for both areas I competed in, Novice and Open.

The evening show is Finals. This is where the top 5 find out their placement and all competitors give their full posing presentation to those in attendance. Much like a pageant final, it’s the SHOW!

My Posing Routine at the Night Show

All in all, not too shabby! I never even expected to DO a competition like this, let alone place as high as I may have. I’m grateful for the experience and the eye opening world I’ve joined. I have one more show lined up, less than 2 weeks from now, so let’s see how I can do. 3 weeks between shows isn’t a ton of time to build up the largest muscle group in the body, but I’m not going to be a quitter. :)

Thank you all for reading and for the love and support along the way!

My Angel Competition Bikinis design, inspired by my finals gown at Ms United States!

Diamond Doll Bikini Teammates

My cheerleading captain :)

Xoxo, Meeghan

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