Hi guys! I’ve partnered with Wood Watches by JORD to bring you a review of their watches this holiday season, in particular the FRANKIE series in Koa & Ash. Keep reading to find out how to score one for yourself!

When JORD approached me to do an unbiased review (because well, that’s the only way I roll), I was pretty stoked! I’m a watch collector but had never strayed into the land of wooden watches. I’ve known about JORD and a few others in the market before, but typically went for metal watch bands/cases. I was beyond amazed how comfortable this watch was! It was so light on the wrist, I had a hard time remembering I even had a watch on.

Ok, let’s dive into the review!

This is 100% the best packaging for a watch box that I own, it’s seriously knocking my $1000+ watch boxes out of the water. The laser engraved top with magnetic lid was cool but then I opened it and was mind blown. The little embroidered burlap watch pillow is freaking adorable and coordinates so well. The watch itself is even wearing an engraved little toggle. C’mon… my watch is accessorizing itself?! Adorbs. But then also, there’s a little hidden storage drawer (ok, hidden to me because I didn’t see it for a while… oops)! Such a brilliant idea in a watch box. Easily capable of storing the extra links, manual and also a cleaning cloth that came with (seriously… $$$$ watches, where are you with this?!).


I was amazed they use such unique woods from around the world and have so many face color options. I honestly was in the previous thought that all wood watches were dull and the same few colors. Nope! Also a huge bonus (as someone who loves to stack bracelets with my watches) the glass is scratch-proof. JORD watches use sapphire glass, a synthetic crystal rather than actual glass. I learned it’s second only to diamond as the hardest and most scratch resistant material on earth and extremely versatile and resistant to impact/abrasion. AKA, no more worrying about my arm stack ruining a watch or having to baby it with certain activities or adventures. The clasp is heavy duty buckle with push buttons and JORD engraved on one side. It was so comfortable to get on and effortless to wear. FYI, the watch isn’t completely water safe (it’s untreated wood, logic prevail!), but you don’t need to worry about getting it a little wet. JORD does recommend keeping it out of the sun when not wearing it, and not to submerge it in water.



Usually when I see a wood watch on the market, they’re not as stylish or impressive as the traditional metal band ones I go for, hence my reluctance to add one to my collection before. I was pleasantly surprised by the modern and sophisticated design options on the JORD website. The FRANKIE series is a typical style which I go for (large round face, link bracelet, sleek look) with a ton of face and wood color options available online (FYI, there is a smaller face option in the FRANKIE 35 series if this particular model is too large for your taste). For reference, I ordered a 16cm band because I like my watches a bit looser.



Everyone is so nice!!!! When you order, you receive a confirmation right away and it’s so easy to measure and order the watch to fit right out of the box. I feel like my watch came right away. I’m such an impatient internet shopper so that was a bonus for me!!

JORD has also kindly offered free gift cards to my followers. No contest, no entries, no waiting, just free $$$. Click this link and start shopping!

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Xoxo, Meeghan

I was gifted the watch from JORD, but I chose the design myself and all opinions are my own.

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