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“Love the skin you’re in” is a sentiment that truly hits home for me, both inside and out! When it comes to the out, there are definitely certain skincare products that keep me loving mine time and time again.

I now (luckily) only tend to have skin issues (i.e., minor breakouts, texture) related to stress or a cold/etc. Previously though, I was very uneducated about my skin and it’s needs, I always assumed I fell under the ‘oily skin’ category. In reality, I was stripping my skin of it’s natural protections, turning my face into an oily mess with deep, painful acne breakouts. So, how did I turn it around?? A long yellow brick road (Kansas jokes) or trial and error, research, and consulting trained skincare professionals.

First, I learned to properly remove my makeup and any residue, without stripping my skin to the point of a dry, tight feeling… aka too far!! I always assumed that when my face was “squeaky clean” it was clean… nope, I was causing my face to then overproduce oil and start on a vicious cycle of acne and acne scarring and more acne… you get the idea.

Once my skin reclaimed a healthy balance, next involved learning what type of moisturizer worked best for me without clogging my pores or leaving me feeling gloopy. I don’t have dry skin, so thicker creams don’t work best for me. A nice lightweight gel moisturizer was my go-to.

Past that, it became time to find treatments for anti-aging, soothing, exfoliation or general pampering that worked for my newly balanced skin. It became fun to find skincare products, instead of a chore to feel “presentable”!

Of course, I am human and do tend to still have the occasional breakout! I’ve now found acne spot treatment products that work, without leaving scaly dry patches/red irritation marks on my skin.

If you want to know what items worked best, watch my latest YouTube video below. I’d also love to hear what your skin care must haves are, please leave me a comment below! :)

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