LET YOUR FITNESS FLAG FLY | Prep life continues!

Wooooo doggie! It’s that time of year I turn into a crazy person throwing around iron and “eating like a rabbit” (to those who don’t quite grasp it)… yep, IT’S PREP TIME BABY!

Some may ask why I’m coming back for more? Well, I’m crazy, AND I love a challenge! ;) I didn’t achieve what I wanted to last year and bodybuilding is a sport which you either quit or continue, I’m taking the latter path. Admittedly I am a competitive person and when I set my mind to a goal, I’m all about it. Last year I was only able to do two shows, very close to each other and I wasn’t fully prepared for what I was taking on. It was a good start, but now I’m just hungry for more.

I’ve joined the same coach and team again this year (Diamond Doll Bikini FTW!) and fully understand what I need to do to succeed. I know my faults from the 2016 season and have a plan in place to surpass the physique I presented then. With the support system surrounding me, win or lose I’m a champion! But in a few weeks time… let’s aim for that win shall we? :)


The off-season was kind to me, I was able to put on muscle in the areas I needed to, although admittedly not as much as I likely need. However, growing muscle naturally isn’t the easiest thing to do and knowing that it’s a multi-year process is part of the mental challenge to this sport. I went into 2016 as a “skinny fat” girl, lacking muscle in my lower body and with little twiggy arms. However, 2016 was a good season as I came out of it with purpose and drive. 2017 is therefore going to be even better!

Question I always get… what’s the hardest part of prep? For me, the food and my stubborn lower body fat. I don’t mind the diet my coach has laid out for me this season, but my schedule is one where I can’t always break every 2.5-3 hours to eat my next meal. Therefore I get track time wise, which is frustrating. As we get closer to stage and the food becomes more bland and repetitive, certain foods just stop sitting well with me… here’s hoping that doesn’t happen this year. I also, like many women, hold the bulk of my fat in my lower half. Building muscle over the last year was a necessity. Let’s see how this cuts down!

I’d love to hear from any other fitness competitors, NPC Bikini or any other organization/division! Leave me a comment or message me through any social media. One of my favorite things about this sport is that it’s truly a community. Everyone competes, but everyone is in it together.

Xoxo, Meeghan 

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