WEDDINGS ARE GIANT PARTIES! | With way more logistical nightmare possibilities…

First step to being engaged… EXTREME HAPPINESS AND EXCITEMENT!!!!!!!

Second step… realizing that: holy crap there are way more steps involved with planning this shindig.

Welcome to the fun world of being engaged! If you didn’t know, Jon and I have now been engaged for just over 4 months and, after enjoying the newfound use of the fiancé title,  are jumping into the wedding planning process. We honestly had no idea what we were in store for! (Side note: for a living, one of the things I do is plan events that take place in other countries… without a hitch! Planning a wedding? HARDER.)

We’ve begun venue hunting and after being disillusioned by the money sucking drain, I mean commercial wedding industry, realized it’s a bit harder than just “let’s find a cute place!”.

This post won’t have a ton of content as we’re just getting started, but rather I’m thinking this will be a blog series of sorts, we’ll check in along the way and I’ll let you know the comical outcomes of planning this whole big day. Sound good? Great! Feel free to offer advice I may or may not ignore and we’ll laugh about my complete ineptitude regarding floral arrangements.

Xoxo, Meeghan 

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We got engaged in Hawaii! Tiki torches for the win :)

2 thoughts on “WEDDINGS ARE GIANT PARTIES! | With way more logistical nightmare possibilities…

  1. Try and enjoy every moment of the planning process, even the stressful ones! At the end of your wedding night you won’t believe it’s all over! Just remember to have fun! 😘

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