BRONZE & PEACH MAKEUP TUTORIAL | Everyday Spring & Summer Makeup Look

Temps here in Kansas are creeping into the 80’s… it’s almost summer!! (Yes, it did snow last week… it’s KANSAS people.) Anywhoodle, time for a fun and easy, everyday peachy bronze look. This is my favorite color combo in spring and summer, using a few of my favorite products!

I love a good lightweight foundation with SPF for those sunny days, and cream bronzers are my jam when it’s warm, especially this one from Chanel. Some scented beauty products are certainly a turn off, but this eyeshadow palette and super affordable powdered bronzer are absolutely amazing and not overpowering.

Looking for a peach blush dupe for all of the high end ones out there? I’ve been rediscovering my love for this oldie but a goodie. Also, throwing it back to some of the most popular ABH highlighters, before Glow Kits took over the market.

To top it off, can’t forget a peachy nude lip. I’m trying out a gloss that failed for me before, it’s actually growing on me!

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Xoxo, Meeghan

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