SEPHORA SPRING 2017 VIB SALE | Plan of Attack & Recommendations


Keeping up with prior inquiries to let you all know when sales are happening at major beauty stores… it’s that time of year, the Spring Sephora VIB sale is underway!

First, heads up that the fall sale is traditionally better (a higher discount percentage) but when you NEED to have a certain item and don’t want to wait, or want to stock up… now’s the time people!


ROUGE MEMBERS: April 18th – 24th
VIB Rouge discount code: ROUGESPRING
Rouge members receive 15% off all purchases in-store and online (including Sephora inside JCPenney locations if that’s what’s closest to you). You may use this code online and in-store AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT!! So if you forget something… go on back honey! You may use the code on any items (no brand restrictions), but not on the usual restrictions of gift cards, Sephora Flash subscription, or the monthly Sephora Play! subscription box.

VIB MEMBERS: April 19th – 24th
VIB Rouge discount code: VIBSPRING
Same basic deets as above, but check your dates and make sure to use the code with your specific Sephora VIB status.

BEAUTY INSIDERS: April 20th – April 23rd
VIB Rouge discount code: BISPRING
Same basic deets as above, but check your dates and make sure to use the code with your specific Sephora Beauty Insider status.

My biggest piece of advice is to aim for items that you NEED to replenish now, that NEVER go on sale, or that are sold only in Sephora stores or on their website. If a brand has it’s own website or store, it MAY have a better discount sale during the spring season (likely not the case on high-end or luxury brands, grab those while you can). Also, if it’s an item sold at Ulta, they currently have a coupon out for 20% off your purchase, with no prestige cosmetics restrictions (if you’re a Platinum member). Just weigh your options and get the best deal for your picks!

Above all… keep in mind you can always return items to Sephora. If you don’t love the item you purchase? Take it back!! Nothing’s worse than scoring a great deal on something but then it doesn’t work for your skin type/tone/etc. Then it’s no deal at all!

Now, what’s on my wishlist?? I’m fully stocked up on my essentials really, but am close to running out of my Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum (which I mentioned LOVING in my FEBRUARY FAVORITES & FAILS video) and it’s a pricey item. I also go through tons of Shiseido Facial Cotton so it’s a worthy addition to the list. As always, I’d love to hear what you’re getting, so let me know. Be sure to subscribe and follow all of my fun social links around here, and please share if you loved this post!

Xoxo, Meeghan 


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