SO YOU WANT TO BUILD A HOUSE | Insanity and Creativity Combined!

For those who didn’t know… Jon and I are not only planning a wedding, we’re building a house!

I know… we’re insane. We’re doing all of it at the same time. But hey, if we can you can too! Also, if we can do all of this, we are SET for married life. Huzzah!

Our biggest hurdle was the initial decision to build… we are extremely picky and nothing exactly fit our needs and wants. Jon is a car enthusiast in need of good garage space and functionality (putting it mildly) and we both have a need of large closet space (putting it VERY mildly). We also really wanted a lot with nothing behind it. Neither of us are fans of the giant backyard Tetris puzzle you see in suburbia today. Try as we might, we couldn’t find a house with everything we wanted, that we weren’t going to have to update. In our desired area, it was more cost effective to build, then it would have been to buy and renovate an existing property… the numbers said it all, BUILD WE WOULD!

Our realtor was AMAZING. Seriously, if you’re in the area and in need of a Realtor, go see Nicholas Weathers. He went above and beyond to find our perfect lot, our perfect floor plan, our perfect builder, EVERYTHING! He’s been there with us every step of the way, and has been a lifesaver in this process.

We found our dream lot by chance… at first we fell in love with the area of town we wanted to be in and then a model home of what our floor plan would derive from. We were almost set to make an offer on the model (which we’d need to finish the basement in anyway and it wasn’t exaaaactly the perfect color scheme for us)… but we found out that there would be the dreaded group of Tetris yards behind it within a few years. Nope. No Way. Not happening. So we hit the search again… it was about this time that our Realtor suggested we build that floor plan ourselves. He found available lots in that neighborhood and others in the area… and one was FREAKING PERFECT. Situated on a cul-de-sac, heavy tree-lined back yard, open fields behind that… SIGN US UP!


We needed to reserve the lot and make sure the floor plan we liked would be approved for that particular lot (HOAs dictate the above ground square footage, layout, etc. that is approved for each lot in a neighborhood). We reserved the lot and proceed with figuring out the build. It’s a long process but we know in the end it’ll be worth it!

Xoxo, Meeghan 

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