VENUES AND VISION | We’re Planning A Wedding!

Since we last spoke about wedding planning… a lot has happened!

To recap, Jon and I were engaged in Hawaii on October 28, 2016 and spent the immediate time after that basking in our newfound use of the fiancé title. We honestly didn’t do much planning at all for a few months, because we knew our wedding wouldn’t be until early 2018. (Jon’s sister’s wedding was June 2017 and we not only wanted her year to shine, but didn’t want to ask family members to come back from near and far, for two events so close together. Hey, just spacing out the family reunions!)

So, as we’ve finally taken the leap into the wedding planning process, let’s catch you up to speed!

We began venue hunting first. We approached this by first looking online and through personal recommendations rather than just traversing all over town for in-person tours, when a venue may have been ruled out with a simple photo tour. We both had ideas of things we hoped for and things we didn’t want (for example, I didn’t want a hotel ballroom as to me that feels like a work conference).

In the end, we formally toured only one venue… and that was it! We selected Noah’s Event Venue on a recommendation (I’d never heard of it before) and we fell in love with the flow and look of the building as well as all of the available options to make the day our own kind of perfect. From there, we simply asked for their available dates and selected ours. Neither of us were partial to a certain date, so we merely chose the Saturday that worked best for everyone involved.

If you’re planning your own “big day”, my advice on venue hunting is to know approximately how many guests you are anticipating and what budget you have for your overall wedding. I say the overall wedding because traditionally the reception will account for 50% of the entire wedding budget, to include: venue, rentals, food, cake and beverages. Again, “traditionally” is a loose term to use with wedding planning, but know that your dream venue could be pricey, so don’t spend all of your budget there and not be left with enough later on!

With a date officially set, the next item we really wanted to secure was our photographer. To both of us, the photos of our wedding and our families will be a very precious piece of the day that we plan on having in our home. Luckily, we know so many amazingly talented photographers! Unluckily, we had to somehow choose just one?! I left this decision up to Jon (hey, I didn’t want the pressure!) and we went with Clewell Photography. We had previously shot with Kris and Jes, and not only do we love them as friends, we LOVE their wedding photography style.


Now this is a very important part… the food! We haven’t narrowed it down yet, but we’re looking between a few catering options. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of bread and mashed potatoes, at the insistence of the groom. But we have selected our cake baker, which was a no brainer, we use Cameo Cakes for everything!

We have a few more items in the works, but there are many more boxes to check along the way, wish us luck!

Xoxo, Meeghan 

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