FLOOR PLAN PARTY! | Can You Make It Cat Friendly?

A continuation of the home building blogs!

(Read here for the previous post in this series.)

As previously discussed, once we’d decided on our lot, and knew the floor plan we liked, it was time to make sure that plan would be approved for our lot. (Yes, there are many hoops to jump through with building, be prepared!)

We submitted the plans to the Development Office and (woohoo!) were approved within a couple of days. Then, we were finally able to meet with the builder to discuss the plans. (Yes, we hadn’t even met the builder yet! There’s really no need to do so until you know you’ll be able to build with them. Otherwise it’s just a waste of everyone’s time.)

Sitting down with the builder to discuss what you envision from their plans, if some of your ideas are even possible, and to see if you’ll even like working with that builder is a very important first step. This company is building your HOME! Make sure you like them, you like how they respond to correspondence, that they have plenty of example builds you can refer to go see in person, and that you can’t dig up any negative reviews on their business. (Don’t confuse this meeting with the “Redline” meeting, that happens later on.)

After all the necessary paperwork for the builder and the bank is set to proceed (aka the hoop titled: “heyooo you’re actually allowed to build!”) NOW it’s time for the Redline meeting. You literally sit down with the Builder and room by room, go through the plans, “red line”/mark up the blue prints, and discuss any changes you want. EVERY. LITTLE. THING. Of course, you can still make small changes later, but you should have the big picture idea of what you want in your plans at this meeting (this is not about the decorating, think major items like moving walls or adding structural features that may have lengthy supply times.)

Among our many changes to customize our build were making sure the garage space would work best for a project car paradise and… having wide window ledges for our cat to enjoy lounging on. Seriously! We had quite a few other changes and completely redid the basement but that’s the best part of building. The world {plans} are your oyster!

The day we broke ground was much more exciting than we could’ve thought a dirt hole to be, it was becoming real!! (When we went out there, they were in the process of digging, so we came back later on to see it at dusk. Something about staring at the poor guy operating the digger seemed creepy of us…) The entire building process goes in “hurry up and wait” waves, but that first dig was such a monumental step. Adulting at it’s finest!

Breaking ground meant narrowing our many design ideas down to one fluid look (harder than you think)… hello HGTV?? It’s Meeghan calling.

Xoxo, Meeghan 

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