MASKCARA BEAUTY | IIID Foundation Palette Review

I was recently sent the Maskcara IIID Foundation Palette and 30 Second HAC Brush to try out and it promises to deliver time-friendly makeup application as an all-in-one palette with almost everything you need for a full face. In essence, the highlight and contour (where “HAC” comes from) are your foundation, then the blush and illuminator pair on top seamlessly. Hmm… let’s test it out shall we!

When you first open the box, all of the items are separate and super carefully packaged. I was so pleased with the care that everything arrived in!

You slide off the (adorable) tin lids to each item and place them in the (GORGEOUSSSSSS) magnetic palette (which has a generous sized mirror, super convenient for travel). Can you tell I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the packaging and design of everything?? It all feels luxurious and looks so beautifully on trend, a vanity friendly piece for sure.

On to the IIID Foundation itself… ok, I’ll admit, this took me a few times to really get the hang of it. It’s easy to get too muddy of an appearance or to just look imperfect. I’m much more used to the “multiple step, multiple layer” kind of base makeup. Once I got a better hang of it though, this palette made a quick makeup look just that, quick. Fair warning, this is targeted toward those who want a more natural look. If you’re going for full coverage or a contour that could cut glass, this isn’t the product for you.

Again, both the contour and highlight are meant to be your foundation, so they are pretty thick formulas, even though they will blend out (for best results use a small amount of product at first). I found it easiest when I applied the contour first, then the highlight (which was helpful if I needed to clean up the contour at all). I applied both with the 30 Second HAC Brush and then followed with a dampened beauty sponge to blend everything even further into my skin.

I personally like cream blushes and illuminators best when applied with such a sponge, so I went in next with that application method, but you can always use your fingers or the brush, if you want to carry only the palette/brush with you. (Maskcara also sells the ‘IIID Perfector Sponge‘, their own sponge dupe for the more expensive and widely known beautyblender).


The products are super natural when blended out, without looking oily or greasy on my skin at all. (I did set a light amount of translucent powder on my T-Zone, but I do that regardless, as I always get shiny there throughout the day.) Maskcara says this can be up to medium coverage, but I’d say it’s more of a light to medium at best, it’s very natural. I’d caution you against applying too much as the formula of the highlight and contour, while they do blend out, can be thick and cakey if you try to layer too much. I honestly wish these were a bit thinner of a formula, with the ability to build up on the face instead, which may lend itself to an easier and more seamless application. I found that if I had any areas which needed spot concealing (hello evil little blemish), or if my dark under eye circles were making themselves particularly well known that day, then this wouldn’t do the trick on its own.

The blush and illuminator are much thinner in consistency, in fact the blush has almost a dewy wet feel. I found that the illuminator shade I tried seemed to have a sheer glow to it, instead of a beaming shine (natural look guys, natural). I’m curious to see what some of the other shades are like or if any have a higher intensity, because you all know I love a good highlight!

The shades below in L-R swatch order:
Contour – ‘Olive’
Blush – ‘Desert Sunset’
Highlight – ‘Moonlit’
Illuminator – ‘Pearl’
Highlight – ‘White Peach’

(Left Photo: Swatched. Right Photo: Slightly Blended Out.)

Here’s a video from Cara, the creator of Maskcara Beauty, explaining a bit more about the IIID Foundation.

Long story short… I think it’s an awesome concept for a minimal makeup lover, someone wanting to dip their toe into easy contouring, or someone needing the most out of their on-the-go lifestyle. If you’re a makeup enthusiast, love the multiple step joy of makeup application or even want to see the products before you buy (Maskcara is online only as of now), then you may want to pass on this. I’m also wondering how well this would work on someone with dry skin?? I predict it wouldn’t blend out as well as on my normal to combo skin.

Let me know if you guys would like me to film a video tutorial using these. Also be sure to subscribe and follow all of my fun social links around here, and please share if you loved this post!

Xoxo, Meeghan 

Disclaimer: Maskcara Beauty and Stacy King were lovely enough to send me these items, but all opinions are my own. I wasn’t compensated in any way to write this review nor under any obligation to do so.

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