BIRTHDAY MONTH | Favorites & Fails

Happy Birthday to meeeee! September is my birthday month, the 11th to be precise. I never used to be big on my own birthday (I’m still not 100% really), but one of my dearest friends has a full-on month of celebrations, a festival of sorts, and damn if you can’t get hyped on your own birthday after celebrating such wonderful energy!! (#TAMFEST)

Also, I don’t usually do favorites & fails blog posts so close together, but I thought I’d officially kick off my birthday month with things I currently love! (I say officially, because I just did a bonus post on the Ulta 21 Days of Beauty sale that technically started off September… but it’s a SALE, that takes priority people.) Now on to the favorites!

got birthdayI’ve been incorporating face oils more regularly and loving this (admittedly smelly but) fantastic acne fighting oil in my nightly routine. I used to think that oils were a no no unless you had dry skin… so wrong! Everyone can benefit from oils, it just depends on your skin type as to which oils work best for you.

Not only is this highlighter super affordable, but it’s brand is going from online-only to Sephora later this year and keeping it’s budget friendly prices! I’ve been on the fence about other cheek products from this company, but when I apply this highlighter with a damp beauty sponge all of my worries disappear. If you want a glow that looks realistic, while ranging in intensity from subtle to VISIBLE FROM SPACE, try these out!

I did a full YouTube video all about this item, but it’s literally something I use every single day and can’t live without now that I have it. It steps up my purse organization game (which is admittedly quite terrible on my hectic days) and makes my daily drive to work so much easier. A 100% recommendation for a first step into this brand of luxury goods.

While planning our wedding (and attempting to keep every to-do and checklist in order) this planner has been a life saver, all while looking adorable! I’ve been a fan of their “life planners” for a while but this one makes for a wonderful organizational tool and memento.

You guys… I managed to finish this entire lip balm without losing it first!!!!! Seriously, this is an achievement I rarely have happen. I’ve already repurchased another and it’s perfect, not too sticky or heavy. I love to use this balm before bed to make sure my lips don’t get dry in the night, but it’s perfect for anytime really.

Ok… I always cringe at this part but I secretly love reading them of others! Yep, do have a few fails to discuss. As always, these just didn’t work for me, that doesn’t mean they’re not someone’s holy grail item!

I’ve tried, but I just can’t get behind this cult favorite concealer… it’s way too thick for my undereye are, which is where it’s meant to be used. There’s full face of makeup, and fullllll MASK of makeup… this is too yikes for me. Anyone love this? If so, I’ve got a tube in shade light with your name on it.

Admittedly, I’m the potential fail here in that I haven’t seen one single episode of this show… ever. I only know there are dragons. Is it like a more violent version of “How to Train Your Dragon”? Help a girl out.

That’s it for the favorites & fails this time, I’d love to hear what some of yours are! Also, anyone else a September birthday? If so, happy birthday to YOU!

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Xoxo, Meeghan 


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