I SAID YES | To The Dress!

Here comes the Briiiiiide!

Since we last spoke about wedding planning, you guys… I SAID YES TO TO THE DRESS!!! Planning is ramping up and, while we’re still 7-ish months away, there are so many more exciting boxes to check off the list.

To catch up on what’s happened prior to this point, visit the previous blog post in our wedding series. Also, we’re building a home at the same time (cue insanity). Read here for the latest on that!

Guys, I’m terrifically pale by nature. 1/2 English, 1/2 Irish… Casper the Ghost has nothing on me! When I was Pinterest-ing to my heart’s content, I could tell already that I’d have to stay away from certain shades or else I’d look ghostly. Also, certain trendy looks don’t seem to flatter the palest of brides (personally not a big fan of “too trendy” on such a big day).

Of course I’ll have a bit of a spray tan (the photographers don’t need me to throw off the white balance), but there’s only so far you can fake it until you’re in Oompa Loompa territory. I also have a weeeeeee bit of experience trying on wedding gowns (putting it mildly) so I kind of knew what bridal tones would look especially horrific on me.

That’s what everyone told me!! (Can you say buzzkill?) Back to the “I have a wee bit of experience”. I’ve modeled more bridal gowns than I can possibly count. We’re talking dozens. I’ve been put in dozens more through fittings, rehearsals, etc. etc. etc.

After getting engaged, all of the industry gals warned me that it wouldn’t feel special to search for my own gown. That they too had difficulty achieving the “ohmygoditstheone” feeling when it came to their wedding gowns. It makes sense, after all I’d been in a so many gowns but thinking about it, none of those gowns felt 100% like ME. All of my bookings did help me to determine things I liked and plenty of things I didn’t like… but as for finding “the one” at a job? Nope.

Appointment day and my bridal squad was ready to help me in finding “the one”. I was hopeful that it would be different than backstage bridal gowns, that I’d cry the ugly bridal cry of joy! Well, the industry gals were kind of right, but also kind of wrong.

Whereas I didn’t cry (I’m not really emotional about any garment to be honest, I’m too busy analyzing if I can sit/dance/eat/what the heck is that itchy part)… for the first time in a gazillion gowns I felt like a bride. Something clicked when I put it on. The gown just made sense with our wedding style, with my style, with my preferences and how I wanted something to fit on my body (and my mum looked a little teary, that’ll do it!). Believe me, I tried on plenty, in every style and trend imaginable and something about this one just felt perfect. (Heyyyyy it’s like finding a husband! Jk jk.)

I’m obviously not going to show any photos, it’s under wraps to everyone until The Big Day, but I’ll give you a hint… it’s none of the gowns shown in this post. ;)


We have catering tastings to decide between… so here’s hoping they understand how much Jon likes bread, wish me luck!

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Xoxo, Meeghan

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