A continuation of the home building blogs…

With this series, I’ll keep you updated as we go with insight into the process, and maybe help you make a decision if you’re on the fence about building!

(Read here for the previous post in this series.)

Since we last talked… the dirt hole had quickly become a concrete jungle of sorts! What you see in the photos below are the plotters used to form our concrete foundation. Think like a jello mold… but luckily more sturdy in the end.

They place the plotters where the foundation walls will go, and then pour in the concrete. Now is the “wait” period of the phrase “hurry up and wait”. Unknown to me before this moment… while you only need to keep the concrete protected for the first week or so while it cures, it actually takes about 28 days to reach its full strength and hardness. So be prepared to stare at your concrete for a few weeks, and not much else.


After the plotters come off, the build progress speeds up considerably. So use this time wisely to make your selections, and not feel rushed later!

When we had our ‘Redline’ meeting with the builder (see previous post for info on that) we also were presented with the breakdown of our home’s budget and based on that, the allowances for our design selections. By selections, I mean all of the fun stuff… the decorative items like flooring, lighting, paint, etc. that make the house, YOUR home! This selection guide is paramount to staying within (or close to) the price you determined and anticipate the house to be at closing.

Now that we’ve established that… burn your budget. Welcome to the joy of home building!!

We quickly found out that we have expensive taste. So the most stressful part of the selection process was seeing the deadlines approaching while trying to find out when to go over budget and when to stay on track. You think you’ll come in under budget? Hah. No. That’s like saying you’ll lose weight but cutting off your leg.

Our first deadline, and a VERY QUICK one at that, was to select our exterior paint colors, brick and stone. This is no small feat, not only because one of your homes most valuable resale points is it’s curb appeal… but also because we had to have our selections pre-approved by the Development and HOA (read this post about why and how and wtf the HOA has to do with it). We were lucky that our preferred exterior look was one that was doable with our plans and that the HOA/Development approved.

Sticks and stones and framing, PLUS: lights, appliances, paint, floors, granite, color schemes and cat nooks… oh my!

Xoxo, Meeghan 


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