Wait, there are how many calories in this?!  O_o

Take my advice: wedding tastings are one of the most fun parts of the process. People ply you with delicious food, for free! (Granted you’re going to pay them a sh*t ton of money later…)

As you guys know, I last told you about saying “Yes to the Dress!” and therefore I probably should get my diet back in check to fit in said dress. But with planning hitting full stride and being just over 6 months away… I have some time to taste delicious foods! ;)

I never realized just how extensive catering menus are. Nor did I realize there were even this many ways to fix potatoes… and I’m 1/2 Irish! It was a bit overwhelming to try and make decisions during a tasting, but more so we just tried to take notes about things we did like and things which were a HECK NO.

We found tastings easier after attending the first one… because we’d narrowed down the types of items we know we want on our menu (not having a sushi bar… darnit), and now we just have to decide within each category of protein, starch, veg, etc. I suggest you do the same! While so many foods are delish, you don’t want 4 chicken entrees… you know?

Also, you can always ask to alter a recipe but pay close attention to things that are extremely important and not exactly recipe related… the temperature of the foods, the service, the staff you’ll be working with, etc. Those will factor into the day and the last thing anyone wants is to celebrate with cold, stale food or bad service!!

One other major item we decided on was the DJ! Neither of us want to be dragged onto the floor for the Funky Chicken or any other line dance… no, not really our style. (If you start the YMCA, Jon very well may just walk out lollllllll.) To us, it was important to have a DJ that understood our personalities and the kind of shindig we want to throw.

We saw our DJ in action at another wedding and loved how professional and easy going the flow was, exactly the kind of DJ/emcee we wanted! After all, we want everyone to have fun and enjoy the day/night. Not relive their middle school dances.


We still have to have our cake tasting, but we use Cameo Cakes so often that we pretty much think we know what flavors we want. (We do need to decide on cake design ideas.) We also have stationary to get out, gift registries to finish, florists to decide on… the checklist goes on!

Xoxo, Meeghan

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