Kansas City Fashion Week presented their spring/summer lines for 2018 last week, and it was an amazing and quick whirlwind, tucked into my suuuper busy days of late. I attended the shows on Thursday night, and let me tell you… it’s a different experience being front row media than being ON the runway! (The urge to walk, or coach, was strong with this one.)

I love that Kansas City has a Fashion Week, something that seems to be growing every season and puts the Midwest a wee bit more on the fashion map. The event was extremely organized and so well produced. I can’t wait to be back for the Fall/Winter shows (this spring 2018). It was my first time at KCFW, but Adriele knew all the ins and outs, huzzah for her genius!!

PS, I legit threw this outfit together the night before leaving for KC… high five for time management!




The designers on the other hand, put their collections together with a bit more care. Here are a few of my favorite looks.

One of my favorite designers and favorite look from the entire night. If you follow my Instagram (@meegsdun) you saw me gushing over the mustard gorgeousness! Honestly, the construction and fluidity of this line was retail ready.


You guys… this designer is only 17! At 17 I was lucky I had eyebrows. Seriously though, such talent in a beautifully constructed and romantic vibe line.


Street style and edgy attitude to the max. Very menswear focused. A few pieces stood out strongly to the Euro in me.


This designer effortless mixed traditional silhouettes with non-traditional patterns and textures. I was blown away by his men’s and women’s wear!


As a bride to be, this show was eye candy galore. I know firsthand how complicated Bridal can be and the construction of these was on point.


My gorgeous and wonderful partner in fashion: Adriele from Style Assisted!


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Xoxo, Meeghan 

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