PRODUCTS I’M LOVING & HATING | Favorites & Fails

I haven’t done a favorites & fails in forever! A huge chunk of that was “I don’t have time” and also, a lot of items were still the same in my daily routine.

But now, bum bum BUM (cue dramatic music)… I have new items to talk about with you!

While this eyeshadow palette is hard to get a hold of right now, it’s insanely popular for a reason and has the perfect set of shades for transitioning your makeup from summer to fall. The price is oh so right at only $16 and the shadows blend out like a dream. An added bonus? It’s a spot on dupe for a certain $129 high end palette… yep, you read that correctly!

This brand new mascara has quickly become an every day item. Seriously, I haven’t used anything else since ripping open the package in delight! If you’re obsessed with high end favorites like the Too Faced Better Than Sex, Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir, and more… try this. You won’t be disappointed. It doesn’t transfer or flake on me and my lashes look bombdotcom.

(Unfortunately) I’ve become obsessed with this facial essence as a part of my nighttime skincare routine (I say unfortunately because hoooly $$$). Also unfortunately… I’m loving this super pricey skin cream. I can’t tell for certain yet if it’s making my face look better than a newborn baby’s cheeks, but it sure feels amazing and I do see results in the short time I’ve been using it!

These sneakers are super comfy, casual and cute, the best of all worlds! I love the texture and also the little leather detailing. A perfect summer to fall shoe for ankle length jeans as the leaves start to change. Bonus: the insole is super comfortable!

Another fun fact is that I’m trying to move toward a more plant based diet. It has so many benefits for health and the environment. Plus, it can’t hurt to just try something new and good for you! As someone who was never much of a meat eater anyway, I love the idea of finding my nutrition and protein through foods I enjoy more. That being said, sometimes I want a quick way to get ahead of my daily greens. This green superfood is amazing! (The flavor takes a bit to get used to, but that’s part of making the diet change too, your taste buds change! Add it to juice instead of water until you’re used to it or try one of their flavored options, the berry one is my favorite.)

On to the negative Nancy part of the post… I do have a few fails to discuss. As always, these just didn’t work for me, that doesn’t mean they’re not someone’s holy grail item!

This lip balm kind of sucks. Plain and simple!! I’ve tried two of them, thinking one was a fluke. But alas, no. It has a gritty texture that’s not necessarily exfoliating but is certainly annoying. It’s also no where as hydrating as the name implies. HARD PASS!

These liquid lipsticks are from one of my absolute favorite brands! The colors are cute on the lips, wear wonderfully and feel lovely… BUT the formula is a disaster in its packaging! I’ve tried to store these upright, but no matter what I do, a disgusting oil seems to leak out of the package. No thanks, I’ll save my hands, purse, and makeup bag the trouble. (Anyone else having this problem??!)

That’s it for the favorites & fails this time, I’d love to hear what some of yours are!

Xoxo, Meeghan 

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