FREE MAC MAKEUP!? | FAQs about the Back-to-M·A·C Program

Want to know how to get free makeup from MAC?! It's true!! I mentioned this program in another one of my YouTube videos and the questions rolled in, so here are the FAQs I encountered about the Back-to-M·A·C Program. Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel too: Meeghan Dunleavy Xoxo, Meeghan  Follow my [...]

ULTA 21 DAYS OF BEAUTY | Recommendations

One of my amazingly wonderful friends was inquiring about any sales at Ulta, Sephora, etc... and if I'd post when there are sales are worth mentioning. Well heck, I'd love to!! A little delayed (because I didn't think about it honestly), but we're smack dab in the middle of Ulta's Spring 2017 "21 Days of [...]

MILK MAKEUP BLUR STICK | Demo, First Impression, Hot or Not?

I've never tried any item by Milk Makeup before, but after hearing so much about this Blur Stick, thought I'd give it a shot! Watch me demo this and get my first impression. Have you ever tried the Blur Stick or any other Milk Makeup? What was your impression? Comment below! Don't forget to [...]

BRONZE & PEACH MAKEUP TUTORIAL | Everyday Spring & Summer Makeup Look

Temps here in Kansas are creeping into the 80's... it's almost summer!! (Yes, it did snow last week... it's KANSAS people.) Anywhoodle, time for a fun and easy, everyday peachy bronze look. This is my favorite color combo in spring and summer, using a few of my favorite products! I love a good lightweight foundation with SPF [...]

WEDDINGS ARE GIANT PARTIES! | With way more logistical nightmare possibilities…

First step to being engaged... EXTREME HAPPINESS AND EXCITEMENT!!!!!!! Second step... realizing that: holy crap there are way more steps involved with planning this shindig. Welcome to the fun world of being engaged! If you didn't know, Jon and I have now been engaged for just over 4 months and, after enjoying the newfound use [...]

FEBRUARY FAVORITES & FAILS | 2017 Beauty, Fashion & Tech

It's time for my February Favorites & Fails! For such a short month, I've been excited about quite a few things from beauty to tech to fashion. Lately I've been obsessed with this bag from Lululemon, I use it every single day, for work and the gym! I love that it's fashionable and durable. I get [...]

TESTING IT COSMETICS | Demo, First Impressions, Hot or Not?

I've never tried IT Cosmetics products before, but after hearing so much about them, thought I'd give some a shot! Watch me demo 3 of their most popular products, have you ever tried these? What was your impression? Comment below! Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel too: Meeghan Dunleavy THINGS MENTIONED: Confidence [...]

LET YOUR FITNESS FLAG FLY | Prep life continues!

Wooooo doggie! It's that time of year I turn into a crazy person throwing around iron and "eating like a rabbit" (to those who don't quite grasp it)... yep, IT'S PREP TIME BABY! Some may ask why I'm coming back for more? Well, I'm crazy, AND I love a challenge! ;) I didn't achieve what [...]

NEW MARC JACOBS COCONUT SETTING SPRAY | New Product Releases, Demo, Hot or Not?

I was able to get my hands on the brand new, soon-to-be launched Marc Jacobs Re(Cover) Coconut Setting Spray and wanted to test it out for you guys!! It launches in Sephora on 3/28 and will be $39. Will you order any of the new Marc Jacobs coconut products? Comment below! Don't forget to [...]


Quick news flash if you are reading this and didn't know... I used to be a beauty queen! However, once a member of the sparkly hat club, always a member. With pageant season in full swing, and my coaching/consulting starting back up, the questions always start: Why DO women compete in pageantry? Is it outdated? [...]