Kansas City Fashion Week presented their spring/summer lines for 2018 last week, and it was an amazing and quick whirlwind, tucked into my suuuper busy days of late. I attended the shows on Thursday night, and let me tell you… it’s a different experience being front row media than being ON the runway! (The urge to walk, or coach, was strong with this one.)

I love that Kansas City has a Fashion Week, something that seems to be growing every season and puts the Midwest a wee bit more on the fashion map. The event was extremely organized and so well produced. I can’t wait to be back for the Fall/Winter shows (this spring 2018).

PS, I legit threw this outfit together the night before leaving for KC… high five for time management!




The designers on the other hand, put their collections together with a bit more care. Here are a few of my favorite looks.

One of my favorite designers and favorite look from the entire night. If you follow my Instagram (@meegsdun) you saw me gushing over the mustard gorgeousness! Honestly, the construction and fluidity of this line was retail ready.

You guys… this designer is only 17! At 17 I was lucky I had eyebrows. Seriously though, such talent in a beautifully constructed and romantic vibe line.

Street style and edgy attitude to the max. Very menswear focused. A few pieces stood out strongly to the Euro in me.

This designer effortless mixed traditional silhouettes with non-traditional patterns and textures. I was blown away by his men’s and women’s wear!

As a bride to be, this show was eye candy galore. I know firsthand how complicated Bridal can be and the construction of these was on point.

My gorgeous and wonderful partner in fashion: Adriele from Style Assisted!


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As you guys have noticed, I’ve been getting back on the YouTube train (which is hard to do with all the house/wedding stuff) but heyyyy I finally filmed another favorites video for you guys! I love the video versions of these, because you can see the products in “real life” and swatches of them.

From the cheapest concealers ever, to a super luxe face palette… or two! This video has quite a few new and old loves. The season/weather change always makes me want, and need, to rotate through my beauty and skincare goods. As we all should!!

I’ve loved a more natural look lately, and this lip gloss by Rihanna (yes, Rihanna!) is actually amazing. I was pleasantly surprised, since a lot of “celebrity” beauty brands tend to stink.

Skincare is always an area I’m hunting for perfection in. And recently my hunt took me to… Costco?! Yep. This complexion corrector is half the price there! It’s only available in the “warehouse” (not their online site) but it’s worth a trip.

Speaking of skin, this poreless face primer is just as good as high end ones that cost wayyy more. Plus it’s only $6, you can’t beat that! They also have other versions to fit different skin types and needs.

To see the full list of favorites and what was a fail, watch my YouTube video below. Have any similar favorites? Let me know!

PS, do you guys like the video versions or blog post favorites better? I’d love to know.

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A continuation of the home building blogs…

With this series, I’ll keep you updated as we go with insight into the process, and maybe help you make a decision if you’re on the fence about building! Read here for the previous post in this series.

Our next step in the whole process was actually a lot of little steps, or basically visiting alllllll of the suppliers to make selections on the details we wanted in our house. You guys… we were NOT prepared for just how much you pick out! Thinking it would just be a paint and flooring type of party? Nooope… also the outlet covers, door hinges, bevel of the wood trim, type of lightbulb… HOLY SMOKES!

Luckily we knew a few major items we wanted to have so we based selections off of our desired paint color, the fireplace and ceiling design we wanted, etc. (Here’s a photo of the main floor mantle we wanted!)


Building a home lets you see exactly how much every, single, little, tiny detail costs… everything. It’s painful, but in the end it makes sense when you add it all up and compare it to a “fully finished home”. That doesn’t mean it’s still not a shock each time, but the bigger picture keeps us sane!

The hardest part of all with selections was picking your perfect item… to find out later on that the manufacturer wouldn’t be able to have it here in time to install. Then you began the process all over again, but triple speed because now you feel rushed and behind.

We definitely had some AMAZING experiences with a few suppliers, seriously I’d recommend specific sales associates and stores we went to over any others, period. (Example, our granite supplier was beyond perfection, they went the extra mile and then some for us!! I’d use them again in a heartbeat.)

We also had a few less than desirable experiences, which I will not mention because it all worked out in the end. Just understand that if you’re building, you may be your biggest priority and your builder’s priority, but not all businesses are as efficient or as communicative as you may want. It sucks, but it’s frustratingly true.


(First off, our house is not beige… that is the color of the siding before it gets painted. We kind of hate beige.) But guys, look… we really are starting to take shape over here!! Inside we have drywall, and trim is going up. There are so many more steps to go, both inside and out, but it’s seriously becoming so very real. WE CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!

As mentioned, we’re starting the trim stage now, so that’s exactly what you think it is, plus anything else lumber related besides the flooring. Our cabinets will be going up, doors, window ledges, etc etc etc.

Xoxo, Meeghan 

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Fall plays havoc with my beauty routine… but don’t worry! I have my top 5 fall beauty essentials to transition your routine seamlessly between seasons. What are your favorites?? (PS, I took to Instagram to poll what you guys wanted to see, and this won. I love feedback from you guys!)

From smoothing frizz and flyaways, to hydrating my suddenly desert dry face… overall hydration is a huge part of my cooler weather beauty routine. I have normal to combo skin, but it’s sometimes quite sensitive, so weather affects it a decent amount. (Anyone else?)

I also looooove using makeup products that give light to my face and some drama to my eyes and lips. I don’t know about you, but certain colors I just never wear when it’s warm out. What’s your fall go to, I’d love to know!

Products Mentioned:
Hair Oil
Hair Beautifying Potion
Face Masks
Bubble Mask
Luminous Primer
Hydrating Primer
Luminous Foundation
Gel Foundation
Eyeshadow Palette
Eyeshadow Palette
Eyeshadow Palette

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As a person who loves makeup and tries different products pretty often, I know expensive does not always mean better. There are plenty of products that are fantastic and inexpensive (there are also plenty which are expensive but useless!)

One thing I love about beauty products now is that you can find amazing items from so many drugstore brands and they keep getting better. While I never discriminate towards any type of makeup that works, you all know I’m constantly on a mission to find killer items for less. (Who doesn’t love finding cheap things that make you look glam?!)

Before we jump right in, it’s worth mentioning that sometimes it’s hard to find the right shade for a drugstore foundation, or maybe it doesn’t work out for your skin type… return that stuff ladies and gents!! Seriously. Even though it’s cheap, don’t waste your money if it doesn’t work, check your store’s return policy! Also, drugstore brands go on sale allllll the time. You can usually save even more off of these lower prices.

Now that you’ve got that, let’s get down to business.


FABULOUS FACE (click product name to shop)
Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless or Dewy + Smooth Foundations ($5.99)
Best for normal to oily skin (matte formula) or dry to normal skin (dewy formula).
These are my absolute favorite drugstore foundations (depending on the look I’m going for as I have ‘normal’ skin and can wear either). I gravitate to the Matte + Poreless formula more often, but they are both amazing and have excellent, buildable coverage and long lasting wear.

Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation ($5.99)
Best for normal to oily skin.
This formula seriously wow’d me much more than expected. It really does deliver a “your skin, but better” finish. The major selling point behind the Photo Focus line was that is delivers camera-ready makeup for every lighting scenario, and it does! I’ve tested this in flash photography and it’s amazing. The only downside, is the smell of this is very similar to house paint lol… but it dissipates quickly. This one delivers medium coverage, possible buildable to medium-full, but it’s not a FULL full coverage foundation. Pair it with the Wet n Wild Photo Focus Pressed Powder ($4.99) for a really nice finish.

L’Oreal True Match Lumi Foundation ($8.99)
Best for dry to normal skin.
Since this foundation has a high water content and ingredients for a luminous glow, it’s not very well suited to oily skin. But if you have dry or normal skin… jump on this! It’s an excellent dupe for the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation and delivers light to medium coverage. The wear time is better if you have drier skin, FYI.

L’Oréal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation ($14.99)
Best for dry to normal skin.
This is basically the same formula as in the Lumi bottle, but in a super convenient cushion compact. The packaging is perfect for travel, and the cushion sponge really does a nice job at giving a seamless finish. If you use the cushion as your application method, it tends to give more of a sheer to light-medium coverage… basically less product is applied.

e.l.f. Flawless Finish Foundation ($6.00)
Works for all skin types, best for normal skin.
This is a lightweight and oil-free formula so it’s great for oily skin, but also is a semi-matte finish so dry skin can wear this too. I was pleasantly surprised by this one… having previously thought all e.l.f. foundations were crap, this one is great! It gives light to medium coverage, and wears well throughout the day. Don’t try to build this up though, it won’t cooperate for that. A small bonus that it has SPF 15, but you really should put a higher SPF on during the day.

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