LET YOUR FITNESS FLAG FLY | Prep life continues!

Wooooo doggie! It's that time of year I turn into a crazy person throwing around iron and "eating like a rabbit" (to those who don't quite grasp it)... yep, IT'S PREP TIME BABY! Some may ask why I'm coming back for more? Well, I'm crazy, AND I love a challenge! ;) I didn't achieve what [...]


The cold hard truth... and soooo many weight reps to show for it. After 6 months of prep life, getting back to "normalcy" was definitely a challenge, honestly more so than I anticipated. Denying myself during prep of so many things which were previously part of my everyday life (from fun foods to the freedom [...]

SO YOU COMPETED | How’d you do?!

I'm 6 days out from my second competition, so let's take a look back at the first... May 14th was my first ever (hello rookie of the year I am not lol) NPC Bikini competition! How'd it go? Well lemme tell ya! I began prepping for this in January (i.e., many birthdays and parties passed [...]

HAPPY | With 10 extra lbs?! 

*Cue collective gasp!* Rarely would you hear a woman say those words!! Let me back up a bit... Last summer I was competing on the pageant stage. This summer I'll be hitting a different bikini competition stage. Weird part... I'm currently the same size in clothing, maybe even a little smaller, and yet I'm 10 [...]

FROM BEAUTY QUEEN | To Bodybuilder??

I've been asked, "Why the change from beauty pageants to bodybuilding?!" Both have a stage. Both have lights. Both have spray tans, makeup, hair and behind the scenes junk food ready to go. Both also have tiny swimsuits and "butt glue". Annnnnd that's where the comparison stops. Let me back up... I'm currently training for my [...]