STICKS AND STONES WILL... BUILD MY DREAM HOME! Since we last talked... the concrete jungle has become a stick palace... we're moving up in the world people! Once the foundation cured (slowest weeks everrr), the framing FLEW up. I understand the "hurry up and wait" aspect of home building more and more each stage of [...]

I SAID YES | To The Dress!

Here comes the Briiiiiide! Since we last spoke about wedding planning, you guys... I SAID YES TO TO THE DRESS!!! Planning is ramping up and, while we're still 7-ish months away, there are so many more exciting boxes to check off the list. To catch up on what's happened prior to this point, visit the [...]

SO YOU WANT TO BUILD A HOUSE | Insanity and Creativity Combined!

For those who didn't know... Jon and I are not only planning a wedding, we're building a house!  0_o I know... we're insane. We're doing all of it at the same time. But heyyyy if we can, you can too! Also, if we can do all of this, we are SET for married life. Huzzah! [...]