Wait, there are how many calories in this?!  O_o Take my advice: wedding tastings are one of the most fun parts of the process. People ply you with delicious food, for free! (Granted you're going to pay them a sh*t ton of money later...) As you guys know, I last told you about saying "Yes to [...]

I SAID YES | To The Dress!

Here comes the Briiiiiide! Since we last spoke about wedding planning, you guys... I SAID YES TO TO THE DRESS!!! Planning is ramping up and, while we're still 7-ish months away, there are so many more exciting boxes to check off the list. To catch up on what's happened prior to this point, visit the [...]

VENUES AND VISION | We’re Planning A Wedding!

Since we last spoke about wedding planning... a lot has happened! To recap, Jon and I were engaged in Hawaii on October 28, 2016 and spent the immediate time after that basking in our newfound use of the fiancé title. We honestly didn't do much planning at all for a few months, because we knew [...]